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Einstein Faculty Journal Editors Exhibit 2014: Other Editorial Positions

Exhibit honoring editors of journals and websites.

Other Editorial Positions

Academic Editor Eliana Scemes, PhD Public Library of Science (PLoS) One
Academic Editor Herbert B. Tanowitz, MD PLoS One
Ad Hoc Editor Herbert B. Tanowitz, MD PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
Coeditor Jeffrey R. Avner, MD OnLine Self Assessment Program for Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PREP:E-Med)
Consulting Editor Simon Rego, PsyD Trauma Psychology News
Consulting Editor Gary Schwartz, PhD Diabetes
Contributing Editor Eric J. Epstein, MD The Medical Letter
Deputy Editor Scott Wetzler, PhD American Journal of Psychotherapy
Deputy Physician Editor Benjamin T. Galen, MD The Brief Case (Case Series), ACP Hospitalist 
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus T. Byram Karasu, MD American Journal of Psychotherapy
Editorial Board Leader Matthew N. Bartels, MD Knowledge NOW
Executive Editor Ruth Hogue Angeletti, PhD Analytical Biochemistry
Executive Editor Dianne Cox, PhD Analytical Biochemistry: Methods in Biological Sciences
Guest Editor 
Matthew S. Robbins, MD Headache
Newsletter Editor Simon Rego, PsyD Advances in Cognitive Therapy
Scientific Review Associate Sophie Molholm, PhD European Journal of Neuroscience
Section Editor Marvin P. Fried, MD UpToDate – Head and Neck Surgery
Section Editor Kami Kim, MD PLOS Pathogens
Section Editor  Matthew S. Robbins, MD Current Pain and Headache Reports
Senior Associate Editor Jeffrey Pessin, PhD The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Social Media Coordinator Matthew S. Robbins, MD Headache


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