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Library FAQs

Search & View Results

Always access PubMed via the link on the Library's website.

Alternately, bookmark this url to access PubMed to see the full-text links: By using this url, you will be able to access links to the full text of articles from journals that the Library subscribes to.

To begin searching, simply type your keyword(s) into the search box. PubMed will attempt to map your keyword(s) to appropriate Medical Subject Headings (also known as MeSH terms). When entering more than one keyword or phrase, connect them with the words AND, OR or NOT. 


Your results will be displayed below the search bar. The database defaults to showing a "Summary" view with a snippet of the abstract. Articles are listed in a default "Best Match" order. You can change the display options to show the abstract. You can change the sort order to the Most recent results or the Publication date.

You may also change the number of records displayed per page to a maximum of 200.